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…THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED, multi-million dollar indoor shooting facility around!

…ADVANCED TARGETING SYSTEMS.  Experience realistic, practical, fun, and engaging practice with our proprietary computerized targets.   Train with your gun and real ammo!  This is not a laser or airsoft based simulator.   It is LIVE FIRE.  The Nexus Targeting System displays your hits with pinpoint accuracy, allows you to maintain a historical database to track your progress, analyzes your shooting (group size, mean point of impact, split times, etc.), and more!  Upload your targets and data directly to Facebook or email them to yourself or friends!  Networked lanes allow you to compete directly with other shooters on the same training session.  Shooting at static targets, moving targets, live video scenarios, simulated steel plates, shooting galleries, zombies, etc. are all possible on our system!    Click here to see it in action.  Traditional paper and cardboard targets are available as well.

…THE ONLY 5-STAR RANGE IN ALL OF SOUTH FLORIDA.   We are the only 5 star range rated by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in all of South Florida and only 1 of 50 in the entire nation!

… THE COLDEST AND CLEANEST AIR CONDITIONED VENTILATION SYSTEM available!  You will no longer have to endure the hot, humid, smoke-filled air you’ve been breathing in other indoor ranges!  We provide a clean and cool 72 degree environment regardless of how brutal the outside Florida heat and humidity is!  The air in our ranges is HEPA filtered and turned over 50-100 times per hour.

… OVER 140 RENTAL FIREARMS.  Handguns, rifles, and shotguns are all available for rental*.  Full auto machine gun rentals will also be available in the Fall of 2014.

… RENTALS OF PRIVATE ENCLOSED BAYS so that you can do individual sessions, group  sessions, low-light training, shooting on the move, training behind cover, etc.  Family shooting sessions, corporate events, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. are all welcome.  We have 8 bays available ranging in size from 2 lanes up to 10 lanes to accommodate any size group.

… RELAXED SHOOTING RULES.  Rapid fire, holster draws, prone positioning and shooting on the move are all permitted.  You are finally able to train the way you’ve always wanted and needed to!   However, at the same time, we ensure a safe environment for all shooters by qualifying shooters through our multi-level licensing system while allowing more experienced shooters the flexibility they need in training.

… A SAFETY ORIENTED RANGE.  Safety is our ultimate goal.  We utilize completely bulletproof stalls, ballistic walls, multiple separated bays, and ever present professional (but unobtrusive) range safety officers who have all gone through the NRA RSO certification process.

… RELOADER FRIENDLY RANGE.  We permit you to shoot your own ammunition and keep your own brass as well!

… SHORT WAIT TIMES!  With 40 lanes, we have more lanes than any other indoor range in the Southeast United States!

… EASY ACCESS to your new favorite range from anywhere in South Florida.  Nexus Shooting is located at 2600 Davie Rd, Davie, FL 33314, just minutes off of I-95, I-595, and the Florida Turnpike right in the heart of South Florida, allowing for quick access.

… A WARM WELCOME for ALL shooters regardless of experience level.  Specialized first-time shooter and women’s training packages are offered.  Concealed carry license classes, tactical training, competition training, and law enforcement training are available as well.  Every Monday is LADIES DAY with no range use fee from open to close.  Tourists are welcome!

… THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any range ANYWHERE!  Are you tired of the condescending, rude, “I know more about guns than you” macho attitude that unfortunately seems to be the norm at most gun shops?  Our staff is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and happy to have you at our establishment!

… THE BEST TRAINING.  We offer classes for all levels of shooters from first timers, Concealed Weapons Permit classes, and advanced shooters.  Our tactical bay provides 2600 sq. ft. of live fire practice space.  Practice shooting on the move, around cover, and in modular shoothouse scenarios.  We even have the ability to drive a vehicle onto the range to train in and around your car.  Open to the public, law enforcement and security agencies!

** At least one member in your group must be 21 years old to rent a firearm.   Due to safety reasons, firearm rentals are not permitted to customers who come alone.

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  • "Practice Time."

    Reviewed 19 July 2017

    Clean and organized. Love the constant presence of a Range Safety individual ready to assist and also correct anyone straying from the rules that keep us all safe. Prompt customer attention and...

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  • "Old dog, new trick"

    Reviewed 10 July 2017

    Having been shooting and hunting for a lifetime, I was not too receptive to the idea of an indoor shooting range with digital targets. Shooting at thin air, crazy I thought. Well...I was wrong. A...

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  • "Great first experience!"

    Reviewed 02 June 2017

    Had a great time yesterday at the range! Learned a lot and had a lot of fun shooting a flock pistol and AR 15. The assault riffles are much easier to handle and shoot and make a lot more noise! Would...

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2600 Davie Road, Davie, FL 33314.    Phone: 954-587-8005.  Hours: M-F 10a-10p, Sat 9a-10p, Sun 9a-8p